A unique opportunity to exhibit in the streets and buildings of an Australian historic town

The Beechworth Contemporary Art Award exhibition will be launched in Spring 2022.

This biennial exhibition will be held within the township of Beechworth in the north-east of Victoria.

The Beechworth Contemporary Art Award is a $10,000 non-acquisitive prize, and an opportunity for artists on the national stage, regional and remote artists to exhibit in a unique historic and culturally significant village setting.

The first art award of its kind, this national award is to be held within the streets, alleyways, parks and buildings of the small Victorian community of Beechworth. Audiences will have opportunities to engage directly or incidentally with the ideas, techniques and entertaining ways of Australia’s contemporary artists.

The award offers a new platform for creative opportunity. The town’s granite boulders, numerous waterways and heritage preserved facades allow a unique dialogue between artists and the community. In creative ways, contemporary artists will connect the past with the present, inviting audiences to be entertained and experience new interpretations of the world around them and their place within it.

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Key Dates

30 August 2021  >> Open for submissions

28 January 2022  >>  Entries Close 

February 2022  >>  Finalists Announced

16-18 September 2022  >> Beechworth Contemporary Art Award 

16 September 2022  >>  Winner Announced

18 September 2022  >>  People’s Choice Announced

What you need to know before entering

The artwork/body of work submitted by the artist for proposal only need be indicative of their art practice. Artists working with any medium may enter; traditional media (sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramic, photography) or non-traditional media (mixed media, pasteups, digital media, performance, installation, sound, neon, projection, or other). The online application process involves paying the administration fee of $50.00, completing an information form and attaching photographic evidence of the artist’s art practice.

The selected finalists may create new artwork for the BCAA. In consultation with the exhibition team, the finalist will decide what will be suitable for the Beechworth site. There are a variety of exhibition sites; outdoor building facades, alleyways, parks, waterways, indoor rooms and entrances of buildings, all within the town of Beechworth. Selection of the site and how the artwork will relate with the site will be a collaborative process between the artist and the exhibition team. Finalists will have approximately eight months to create the artwork to be exhibited in the BCAA.

BCAA Entries

  1. Write a brief statement about your Art Practice.
  2. How do you envisage your artwork could be installed in a public space for the Beechworth Contemporary Art Award exhibition? You DO NOT need to be particular about the exact location/site in your statement.
  3. Entry into the Beechworth Contemporary Art Award is $50.00. Payment can be made online via PayPal or Credit Card. Contact BCAA if you cannot make payment by these methods. The BCAA reserves the right to accept payment of Entry Fee by alternative means. 

BCAA Conditions

  1. Entrants must be Australian citizens, a resident in Australia, or currently residing in Australia due to the current COVID-19 situation.

  2. The selection panel will view each online application and select no more than 10 finalists to be included for exhibition in the BCAA. Finalists will be announced in February 2022. Each finalist will receive an artist fee of $1,000.00.

  3. The Judge will visit each finalist artwork installed on site in person before selecting the winning work. The winner of the BCAA will be announced at the launch event on Friday 16 September 2022. The winner will receive $10,000.00. 

  4. The People’s Choice Award will be announced at the close of the exhibition on 18 September 2022. Audiences will have the opportunity to vote for a favourite artwork over the three day event. The winner of the People’s Choice Award will receive $1,000.00.  

  5. Finalists must be agreeable to support the education program’s online content with interviews, images and artwork development information prior to the exhibition.

  6. The BCAA Exhibitions Team will assist the finalist with the selection of the artwork to be exhibited and the most suitable location for the artwork to be installed in Beechworth. Whilst the decision for each location will be a collaborative decision, the Exhibitions Team reserve the right to make the final decision. 

Entry Form

BCAA Programs

An informative Education Program will accompany the BCAA. The Education Program will be accessed on line through the BCAA website. The Education Program will include photographic documentation, artist interviews and various opportunities for each finalist to promote their artwork. This content will be written by educators and promoted to BCAA sponsors, schools and other audiences in the months leading up to and after the September 2022 exhibition. The Education Program will be an integral component to the BCAA and allows for a variety of learning, entertainment and promotion opportunities to be explored during COVID normal and lockdown times.   

An exciting Public Program will also accompany the BCAA exhibition’s three days in Beechworth. Music, performance, free and ticketed events will entertain and inform audiences of all ages. Art lovers, the curious, and even the sceptics can choose to engage with the variety on offer. The town of Beechworth has fabulous restaurants, breweries, cellar doors and specialty shops along with boutique and family friendly accommodation. The region is also known for its many beautiful natural and heritage sites, walking and bike riding opportunities with rail trails and mountain bike parks aplenty.

BCAA Volunteers

Join the BCAA team and work closely with artists and audiences. 

BCAA values diverse experiences and perspectives, and welcomes those wishing to develop their skills and pursue an interest in regional community and contemporary art. Please note there is no financial reimbursement for these roles. There are other benefits and opportunities for volunteering before, during and post event; 

  • An invitation to the exclusive BCAA launch party for artists, sponsors and special guests to be held on the Friday evening. The winning artwork will be announced at the launch event.
  • Access to free catering during the BCAA event.
  • An exclusive BCAA t-shirt to be worn during the event and to take home as a souvenir.


Please contact BCAA and specify which area/s you would enjoy contributing to;

  • Education Program design (includes online content design)
  • Public Program design (includes booking resources and equipment setup)
  • Exhibition installation and artwork handling (assisting BCAA exhibitions team with instal)
  • Artist and artwork assistance (assisting exhibition program management)
  • Performer and musician assistance (assisting public program management)

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